Auto Transport Fort Lauderdale

Auto Transport Fort Lauderdale

Transportation of vehicles is relevant at specific points in life for many people, even twice/thrice a year in some situations. For example, the transport of a car is appropriate at the beginning of the college/university or any auction house or even dealer to dealer/person. It is necessary to follow rigging, loading and unloading, packaging, and equipment location. One of the exceptional cases is the transportation of the vehicles with movers or on your own.


Freight forwarding

From the consignor’s warehouse to the consignee’s warehouse.

Delivery in the city

Destination, region or province.


With domestic conversion, as well as during non-working hours.

Cargo tracking

Along the entire route with the provision of data to the consignor.

Company Advantages

Affordable prices
Delivery on time
Informing at all stages
Many options for packaging cargo
Cargo handling

In this case, it will be possible to save the budget. The professionals will do their job carefully, following the instructions and requirements for transportation a specific category of car/bike.

When ordering for shipping, the amount to be paid for the service can be calculated by our executive and inform you.

Place of loading and business of unloading;
Delivery to the terminal independently or by the company;
Dimensions of the cargo.

During the delivery process, information about the cargo location is available 24/7, and you can check it on the tracking page.

Transportation Stages

Delivery of auto is carried out in several stages, including:

The arrival of transport at the agreed time;
Gentle loading;
At the terminal, the auto will be selected according to its size – this is an effective measure of protection against damage during transportation;
Road transportation to the destination;
Unloading, delivery to the floor;

Benefits of Auto Transport Fort Lauderdale at RCC Transportation

Fast Delivery

Deadline Accomplishments

24/7 Monitoring

rcc auto transport

We arrange, with you, deadlines for timely delivery.

We arrange, with you, deadlines for timely delivery.

Your car is accompanied from collection to delivery.