Auto Transport Tucson

Auto Transport Tucson

Why should you choose Auto Transport Tucson company instead of driving? It’s faster, safer, and probably even cheaper. 

Whether on your next big adventure or buying a car online, you want to book with the best auto transport company you can find. And you want a great price.

Auto transport rates vary widely based on several factors, including the make and model of your vehicle, whether the car is working or not, whether your destination is in an urban or rural area, and whether you want an open vehicle or enclosed carrier shipment.

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Before you decide to move your car, kindly note down few things for destination and pick up- such as a full address, zip code, car condition, model, etc., to make your process faster. This information readily available will ensure that your car transfer booking process is as smooth as possible.

Auto Transport Tucson

The best scenario involves booking as far in advance as possible. Once you know you’re moving, start looking for car carriers and getting quotes right away so you can choose a carrier.

A super hard sale is usually a bad sign.


Once you’ve decided your pickup /delivery points, auto-ship dates and review the reviews to determine the highest-rated car transport company, you’re ready for the easy part. If you book with NTS Auto Transport Tucson AZ, see how that process would go from here.

  1. Get an instant quote: using phone or WhatsApp.
  2. Book Order:  Review the steps above for information on how to do this.
  3. We pick up your vehicle: schedule your pickup date, time, and location within easy reach with the truck driver.
  4. You receive your vehicle:  Your truck driver will call you when your vehicle is almost home. You can greet them in your driveway or wherever your agreed pickup location is nearby.

Companies like NTS Transport Tucson, an automobile transportation management company, work with thousands of truck drivers networks. Some smaller companies or locations that operate smaller car carriers – or single-vehicle flatbed carriers – may take your vehicle from point A to point B, but delivery times may be slower.


The obvious captain here, but it’s not safe to drive when you’re tired. So if you plan on driving your car across the country (especially without frequent stops…which can get expensive), make sure you’re aware of the following open eyes.

“Drowsy driving is linked to at least 100,000 car accidents and more than 1,500 deaths per year. About 71,000 sleep-related accidents involve non-fatal injuries. The estimated annual monetary loss related to sleepy driving is about $12.5 billion. Drowsy driving is generally not reported when the police file an accident report. Unless the driver admits to falling asleep, drowsy driving can be difficult to detect.”

Instead of taking chances, trust the experts to get your car there safely.

With the plethora of auto shipping options available today, you can easily find the best service at the best price. Here at NTS TRANSPORT TUCSON, we offer innovation, reliability, and success to provide a stress-free experience and fast delivery.