RFID Technology: Everything You Need To Know!

In today’s article, you will learn all about RFID technology. This tool was created to make the logistical operation safer and more efficient. If you want to improve your business procedures, like innovation and detailed product monitoring at all stages of the operation, this content is for you.

RCC Auto Transport explaining you about RFID technology, Enjoy reading!

What is the Relationship Between RFID Technology and Logistics?

RFID comes from English Radio Frequency Identification. In free translation, the term represents radio frequency identification. The implication of this technology in logistics can be seen, mainly, through the traceability of the items transported. After all, it is possible to individually identify each item, record technical data, and track them throughout the process.

To put the tool into practice, simple resources are needed. Among them: printers, labels attached to each material, antennas, and readers in strategic positions, and, finally, a management system that will be responsible for managing the information. 

The labels fulfill the function of identification from their electronic components. They contain the serial number, model, and manufacturer data for each product. Readers, in turn, capture the data presented on the tags. After registration, the information is processed and stored in the system.

Unlike traditional bar codes, RFID technology uses a chip that stores all information. Direct contact between the reader and the tag is not necessary. The radio frequency signal can capture the data. Many credit/debit cards use this feature. Thus, payment is very easy.

To make the entire management even more complete, some professionals integrate inventory control platforms into the resource. Thus, the entire logistical flow is monitored

Why Bet on RFID technology?

Knowledge supports intelligent decision-making that makes a difference in any operation. We at RCC Auto Transport can say that the biggest challenge of logistics is to guarantee the delivery of orders with agility, safety, and quality. RFID technology emerged to make this reality possible.

Among the advantages provided, we highlight the tracking of items in real-time. It is extremely important to track the whereabouts of a product as it leaves the company for the customer. There is also inventory control, to signal the need for replacement or sales strategies for stationary objects. 

In terms of security, with RFID technology, monitoring environments and assisting in the operation of anti-theft systems happen, if you choose one. Finally, innovation helps prevent counterfeiting and allows access control in restricted spaces.

From the other perspective, there are some negative factors to consider. Variations in the range of the antennas can occur, especially if there are conductive metals or materials in the environment. The reason is that they interfere a little with the magnetic field created by the radio frequency. Installation costs must be weighed, as well as maintenance costs.

There is no doubt! RFID technology has a lot to contribute to your logistics operation. With it, you can monitor deliveries in real-time, control inventory, and manage the supply chain. Did you enjoy learning about it? We suggest that you enjoy the visit to our blog and get to know other material. We want to introduce you to the efficient method for good delivery management. Check it out!

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